Beijing Scenic Spots

Beijing is the capital of China for many dynasties and there are many highlights that worthwhile for visit:

Tian'anmen Square

Forbidden City
Downtown Area:TianAnmen Square: It is the largest city center square in the world which can hold half million people. In the past the square has witnessed many historical events, while today it attracts millions of people from all over the world every year.
Forbidden City: Also called Palace Museum, this former dwelling of Chinese emperors is the most amazing royal palace complex.

Hutong Rickshaw tour
Hutong Tour by pedicab: Hutong, originating from the Mongolian language means “well”, where there is a well there is a living quarter. It is actually alley and you can take those pedicabs to feel how traditional people live. Among those hutongs locate dwelling compounds or quadrangles which are one important aspect of the city’s architectural heritage.

Jingshan Park: Imperial garden and you can climb to the top pavilion to get the best view over the Forbidden City

Beihai Park: Oldest and best preserved imperial garden in the downtown area.

Lama Temple:  Pray in this biggest lamasery in Beijing and bring good luck back home.

Hall of Paying for Good Harvest

Drum beating Peformance

Drum Tower and Bell Tower: Back in the Ming Dynasty, they were used to mark time, an equivalent to Big Ben in London. You can watch the drum beating performance at the Drum Tower.

Temple of Heaven: Offerings to Heaven were made here by emperors to benefit crops and harvests.

Capital Museum: The building itself is a great piece of art. Collections are very well sorted by theme, including jade, bronze, porcelain, painting…Don’t miss the historical Beijing exhibits.

Suburb Area:

Summer Palace

Jingshanling Great Wall
The Summer Palace: It is the best-preserved imperial garden in the world and the largest of its kind still in existence in China today. It is formed mainly with Longevity Hill and Kunming Lake. The Summer Palace occupies a total area of over 290 hectares. The Longevity Hill covers one-fourth of the total area while the Kunming Lake covers the rest of the three-fourths. The beautiful former imperial garden is set off by a multitude of highly decorative buildings, halls, pavilions, bridges, towers, islands and courtyards. With these buildings built in the Summer Palace, it does not give an impression of disorder; instead, people can strongly feel its perfect and magnificent structure and harmonious layout in the Summer Palace.

The Great Wall: it symbolize China’s ancient civilization which is one of the famous, grand and splendid ancient construction wonders in the world. It is just like a giant dragon starting from Yalu River and crossing high mountains, deserts and grassland to the Pamir Plateau. For many centuries, the Great Wall, as a military gigantic defensive project, kept out the invading troops of the northern nomadic tribes. Now the Great Wall has become a famous historical scenic spot for tourists. When the spacemen looked down with their naked eyes onto the earth from the spaceship, one of the man-made projects on earth that could be seen is the Great Wall of China.

Jiankou Great Wall

Huanghuacheng Great Wall

Mutianyu Great Wall
There are many famous sections of Great Wall that you can visit: such as the Badaling, Juyongguan Pass, Mutianyu, Jinshanling, Simatai which are renovated by the government. There are some others called the “wild great wall” that keeps the original appearance such as the “Yellow Flower Great Wall”. You can either choose to take the cable car or climb upstairs by yourself.

798/DaShanzi Art District
798 Art District
Forty-five minutes out of town, this Soviet-funded, German-designed, ex-electronics factory compound is a hotbed of cutting-edge art and design. Since 2002 artists‘ studios started to pop up in the district. Properties are mostly rented and new life and light has been created in these once hollow, unused buildings. They were gradually turned into a combination of galleries, art centers, studios, design companies, fashion stores and bars. It‘s an opportunity and an outlet for modern young artists to enthusiastically pursue their ideals. It has also provided them with a spiritual homeland. And they‘re breathing new life into an area of Beijing which needed exactly that. Don’t miss it, but avoid Mondays as most galleries are closed.
Undergrand Palace
Ming Tombs: The thirteen Ming Tombs are located in Changping District covering an area of 40 square kilometers with 13 Ming emperors, 23 empresses, many imperial concubines, princes and princesses buried there. These tombs are the best-preserved of all Chinese imperial tombs.

Cuandixia Village
Cudixia Village
Astop on the ancient trade route between Shanxi Province and Beijing, this 400-year-old dumpling shaped village, called Chuandixia village is now under national architectural protection and attracts numerous tourists, photographers and filmmakers. Most families under the same surname Han since the village was originated from one family moved from Shandong. Tour the ideal courtyard houses, climb the hills opposite to collect a overview of the interesting shape of the village.

Eastern Qing Tombs and Manchurian Village

East Qing Tombs
The last Dynasty Qing is ruled by Manchurians from north eastern China. Their tombs are designed to overcome the splendor of the previous dynasty Ming. The stone carvings and Tibetan Buddhism reflection in the tomb of the most influential Emperor Qianlong, the unimaginable luxury in the bomb of notorious but most powerful woman Dowager Cixi, and the massive tomb robbery by warlords in 1920’s brought it to everyone’s attention.
Longer distance than the Ming Tombs make it less visited so you will enjoy the peaceful time reading the history.

Longqing Gorge & Guyaju at Yanqing County

Longqing Gorge
Yanqing County is located in the suburb of northwest Beijing. The County occupys an area of about 1,992 square kilometers and a population of about 275,000. The county houses many ancient tombs and caves, as well as the picturesque Longqing Gorge  and Badaling Great Wall.

Tour Description: Pick you up at your hotel at 8:00am. First go to the Longqing Gorge ( Ravine ). It is located about 90 kilometers to the north of Beijing. The Longqing Gorge is flanked on both sides by green peaks. The Gucheng Reservior built in 1n 1981, lies north of the gorge. People often say Longqing Gorge is a small Li River in Guilin, but it is more beautiful than Li River; it is a small three gorges on the Yangtze river, but it is more dangerous than the Three Gorges. Boating on the Longqing Ravine, you will feel the gentle breeze blowing against your face as if you are on the Lijiang River, you are entirely immersed in a picturesque view. During the lunch time you will enjoy the local farm lunch with the locals. After lunch, move on to Guyaju ( Ancient Rock Dwelling ). Guyaju cave dwellings are in the cliffs of Yanqing County, Beijing. With over 1000 years of history, the mythical caves still confuses historians. Records show it was constructed between the Tang and Liao Dynasties by the Xi tribe. The caves have "rooms" of a variety of shapes and styles that comprise doors, windows, kitchen ranges, and closets. It takes 1,5 hour drive from Beijing Longqing Gorge. After the tour, transferred back to your hotel in downtown Beijing.
Banboo Ralfting at Ten Ferries
Ten Ferry-“Little Guilin
The Shi Du (Ten Ferry) scenic spot is the most typical canyon full of karst, ridges and peaks and is the closest to the capital city, unique in the northern part, and the biggest in Huabei region. The canyon features 12 marvelous geological sites such as natural "Stone Buddha", "Flied over Stone", "One Line Sky", "Buddha" character of the dragon mountain, "Water Flowing Up", "Stone in the Stone" and so forth. It has enjoyed the fine reputation of being the "green mountain and wild ferry, decorated corridors of hundred miles" for years. The Juma river is just like a piece of jade ribbon winding circuitously, passing through the mountains, complementing each other with the peaks and forests. The scenery has North China's imposing character, it also carries the elegance of South of Yangtzi River. Here you can do hiking, rafting, horsing, living in the peasant families, eat local specialty foods and enjoy the natural beauty. It will take 2 hours driving from the city.


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Great site! I'll be making my fourth trip to Beijing in October, but bringing two friends this time. It's a great city!

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Great spots! I got an idea where to go when I go to Beijing. Thanks for sharing.

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