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Hello, everyone! Thank you for visiting my website. Catherine Lu working as a self employeed  private tour guide,consultant and operator provides high quality Personal Private Tour and Business Tour and specilizes in customizing and tailor marking for individual, family, cooperation, university and other organization. We give western standarn service and promise you no unwanted kick back stops & hidden agendas!

With our experienced and licensed tour guides and the sophisticated drivers, plus meticulously selected itinerary -some of them are off-the-beaten path you can see and experience the REAL China, to learn about our history, our culture, meet the people, enjoy the tasty food and to return home knowing that we all are "People of the world".

My aim is to delight every customer, every time, through outstanding personalized service! We are dedicated to meeting the client's wishes and, from customer feedback, are continuously evaluating how we can enhance our service.

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Upon your arrival my driver can meet you at the airport holding a piece of paper with your name on it so you can easily recognize him. It's right inside the airport after you finish clearing the customers and many people are waiting to pick up their clients.

- City Tour or Great Wall tour or any other Outskirts Transportation Arrangement
I work with many drivers who have the van from 5-seats to 51 seats so it can cater your different requirements.

- Sights explain including the history and culture

- Chinese local dishes order: Try diversified meals with me

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Make sure that you won't be cheated by the venders in the market

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-Expo/Exhi/Trade fairs/Meeting translator
-Marking contacts; researching; sourcing
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-Private car rental

Note: Remember when comparing price, you get what you pay for. We don't earn money by taking you commission shopping, a common practice in China, wasting your time.

Beijing Scenic Spots

Beijing is the capital of China for many dynasties and there are many highlights that worthwhile for visit:

Tian'anmen Square

Forbidden City
Downtown Area:TianAnmen Square: It is the largest city center square in the world which can hold half million people. In the past the square has witnessed many historical events, while today it attracts millions of people from all over the world every year.
Forbidden City: Also called Palace Museum, this former dwelling of Chinese emperors is the most amazing royal palace complex.

Hutong Rickshaw tour
Hutong Tour by pedicab: Hutong, originating from the Mongolian language means “well”, where there is a well there is a living quarter. It is actually alley and you can take those pedicabs to feel how traditional people live. Among those hutongs locate dwelling compounds or quadrangles which are one important aspect of the city’s architectural heritage.

Jingshan Park: Imperial garden and you can climb to the top pavilion to get the best view over the Forbidden City

Beihai Park: Oldest and best preserved imperial garden in the downtown area.

Lama Temple:  Pray in this biggest lamasery in Beijing and bring good luck back home.

Hall of Paying for Good Harvest

Drum beating Peformance

Drum Tower and Bell Tower: Back in the Ming Dynasty, they were used to mark time, an equivalent to Big Ben in London. You can watch the drum beating performance at the Drum Tower.

Temple of Heaven: Offerings to Heaven were made here by emperors to benefit crops and harvests.

Capital Museum: The building itself is a great piece of art. Collections are very well sorted by theme, including jade, bronze, porcelain, painting…Don’t miss the historical Beijing exhibits.

Suburb Area:

Summer Palace

Jingshanling Great Wall
The Summer Palace: It is the best-preserved imperial garden in the world and the largest of its kind still in existence in China today. It is formed mainly with Longevity Hill and Kunming Lake. The Summer Palace occupies a total area of over 290 hectares. The Longevity Hill covers one-fourth of the total area while the Kunming Lake covers the rest of the three-fourths. The beautiful former imperial garden is set off by a multitude of highly decorative buildings, halls, pavilions, bridges, towers, islands and courtyards. With these buildings built in the Summer Palace, it does not give an impression of disorder; instead, people can strongly feel its perfect and magnificent structure and harmonious layout in the Summer Palace.

The Great Wall: it symbolize China’s ancient civilization which is one of the famous, grand and splendid ancient construction wonders in the world. It is just like a giant dragon starting from Yalu River and crossing high mountains, deserts and grassland to the Pamir Plateau. For many centuries, the Great Wall, as a military gigantic defensive project, kept out the invading troops of the northern nomadic tribes. Now the Great Wall has become a famous historical scenic spot for tourists. When the spacemen looked down with their naked eyes onto the earth from the spaceship, one of the man-made projects on earth that could be seen is the Great Wall of China.

Jiankou Great Wall

Huanghuacheng Great Wall

Mutianyu Great Wall
There are many famous sections of Great Wall that you can visit: such as the Badaling, Juyongguan Pass, Mutianyu, Jinshanling, Simatai which are renovated by the government. There are some others called the “wild great wall” that keeps the original appearance such as the “Yellow Flower Great Wall”. You can either choose to take the cable car or climb upstairs by yourself.

798/DaShanzi Art District
798 Art District
Forty-five minutes out of town, this Soviet-funded, German-designed, ex-electronics factory compound is a hotbed of cutting-edge art and design. Since 2002 artists‘ studios started to pop up in the district. Properties are mostly rented and new life and light has been created in these once hollow, unused buildings. They were gradually turned into a combination of galleries, art centers, studios, design companies, fashion stores and bars. It‘s an opportunity and an outlet for modern young artists to enthusiastically pursue their ideals. It has also provided them with a spiritual homeland. And they‘re breathing new life into an area of Beijing which needed exactly that. Don’t miss it, but avoid Mondays as most galleries are closed.
Undergrand Palace
Ming Tombs: The thirteen Ming Tombs are located in Changping District covering an area of 40 square kilometers with 13 Ming emperors, 23 empresses, many imperial concubines, princes and princesses buried there. These tombs are the best-preserved of all Chinese imperial tombs.

Cuandixia Village
Cudixia Village
Astop on the ancient trade route between Shanxi Province and Beijing, this 400-year-old dumpling shaped village, called Chuandixia village is now under national architectural protection and attracts numerous tourists, photographers and filmmakers. Most families under the same surname Han since the village was originated from one family moved from Shandong. Tour the ideal courtyard houses, climb the hills opposite to collect a overview of the interesting shape of the village.

Eastern Qing Tombs and Manchurian Village

East Qing Tombs
The last Dynasty Qing is ruled by Manchurians from north eastern China. Their tombs are designed to overcome the splendor of the previous dynasty Ming. The stone carvings and Tibetan Buddhism reflection in the tomb of the most influential Emperor Qianlong, the unimaginable luxury in the bomb of notorious but most powerful woman Dowager Cixi, and the massive tomb robbery by warlords in 1920’s brought it to everyone’s attention.
Longer distance than the Ming Tombs make it less visited so you will enjoy the peaceful time reading the history.

Longqing Gorge & Guyaju at Yanqing County

Longqing Gorge
Yanqing County is located in the suburb of northwest Beijing. The County occupys an area of about 1,992 square kilometers and a population of about 275,000. The county houses many ancient tombs and caves, as well as the picturesque Longqing Gorge  and Badaling Great Wall.

Tour Description: Pick you up at your hotel at 8:00am. First go to the Longqing Gorge ( Ravine ). It is located about 90 kilometers to the north of Beijing. The Longqing Gorge is flanked on both sides by green peaks. The Gucheng Reservior built in 1n 1981, lies north of the gorge. People often say Longqing Gorge is a small Li River in Guilin, but it is more beautiful than Li River; it is a small three gorges on the Yangtze river, but it is more dangerous than the Three Gorges. Boating on the Longqing Ravine, you will feel the gentle breeze blowing against your face as if you are on the Lijiang River, you are entirely immersed in a picturesque view. During the lunch time you will enjoy the local farm lunch with the locals. After lunch, move on to Guyaju ( Ancient Rock Dwelling ). Guyaju cave dwellings are in the cliffs of Yanqing County, Beijing. With over 1000 years of history, the mythical caves still confuses historians. Records show it was constructed between the Tang and Liao Dynasties by the Xi tribe. The caves have "rooms" of a variety of shapes and styles that comprise doors, windows, kitchen ranges, and closets. It takes 1,5 hour drive from Beijing Longqing Gorge. After the tour, transferred back to your hotel in downtown Beijing.
Banboo Ralfting at Ten Ferries
Ten Ferry-“Little Guilin
The Shi Du (Ten Ferry) scenic spot is the most typical canyon full of karst, ridges and peaks and is the closest to the capital city, unique in the northern part, and the biggest in Huabei region. The canyon features 12 marvelous geological sites such as natural "Stone Buddha", "Flied over Stone", "One Line Sky", "Buddha" character of the dragon mountain, "Water Flowing Up", "Stone in the Stone" and so forth. It has enjoyed the fine reputation of being the "green mountain and wild ferry, decorated corridors of hundred miles" for years. The Juma river is just like a piece of jade ribbon winding circuitously, passing through the mountains, complementing each other with the peaks and forests. The scenery has North China's imposing character, it also carries the elegance of South of Yangtzi River. Here you can do hiking, rafting, horsing, living in the peasant families, eat local specialty foods and enjoy the natural beauty. It will take 2 hours driving from the city.

Beijing Sample Itinerary

Due to the wealth of acctractions in and around Beijing, I can offer u a full range of private tours. Treat yourself to your own personal tour to explore this wonderful city during the day or at night.

For those regular tourists:

Beijing One Day Itinerary

Beijing Two Days Itinerary

Beijing Three Days Itinerary

Beijing Four Days Itinerary

For those touristis who want to do something different or off the Beathen Path Tour:

Great Wall Hiking Trip

Beijing Private Excusion Trip

Local Outdoor Food Market

Where to shopping

The Silk Market Despite its name, the Silk Market has much more than just silk. The Chinese silk products in the market are cheap, but good quality and therefore popular, but there are also lots of cashmere garments, down jackets, leather goods, shoes, hats, watches and some handicrafts. One of the main things about the market is the fact that none of the prices is set. It all depends on your bargaining skills. If you are a proficient bargainer, then you can get great deals on all kinds of clothing, if you are soft-hearted and don’t like confrontation, then you may get taken for a ride.

Liulichang Cultural Street (the Antique Shops Area): The name originated from the kilns that had been set up to make glazed tiles and bricks in the 13th to 17th centuries when the Yuan and Ming dynasties had their respective capital built in Beijing. By the time of the mid-18th century during the reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty, the street, lined with curio, calligraphy and painting stores became prosperous. Busy with cultural activities during the past 200 years, this old street has taken on a completely new look after reconstruction and looks more splendid.

Beijing Antique Store is located right here in this very ancient cultural street. The store consists of eleven branch shops, Bogu Zhai, Moyuan Ge handle original works of calligraphy and painting by famous Chinese scholars and painters of different times and embroideries as well; Yungu Zhai, Cuizhen Zhai, Yunyu Zhai, Zhenhuan Ge deal mainly in bronzes, stones, ceramics and cloisonné, as well as ivory, wood and bamboo carvings, etc; Qingyun Tang & Guanfu Zhai sell ink sticks of different times, and seals made by famous seal engravers; Yueya Tang operates as the country’s exclusive licensed dealer of the most ancient works of art.

Wangfujing Street: The street came into being in the Yuan Dynasty more than 700 years ago. It is said to have received its name in the Ming Dynasty more than 500 years ago. One of the emperors was said to want all his 10 brothers to build their mansions in the place now known as Wangfujing so as to make it easy for him to keep a wary eye on them for fear that they might pose a direct threat to him. Nowadays, the street is one of the busy shopping areas in Beijing. There are more than 200 shops on the 810 metre-long. Tourists love to go shopping here. Every day about 200,000 shoppers came to Beijing Department Store, but later, about 50,000 came to do shopping at Beijing Department Store.

Dazhalan (literally meaning “large wicker gate”) the 270-metre-long Dazhalan Street is one of the shopping centers in Beijing. Along the street are more than 50 units, including a department store, garment shops, a store of traditional Chinese medicine, cinemas and a theater. The street is rather narrow and the houses on either side are closely located, with a huge flow of customers and pedestrians, averaging 80,000 people per day.

Chinese Cuisines

Chinese cuisine is renowned all all over the world for its appearance, aroma, and flavor. Its unique style of preparation, cooking and presentation can be traced to the beginnings of Chinese history more than 5,000 years ago. Chinese restaurants are a dime a dozen nowadays around the world, but for a taste of the authentic fare, China is definitely the place to be.
Chinese cuisine by and large falls into six schools:

Imperial Dishes: These dishes originated in the kitchen of the imperial palace for the exclusive enjoyment of the emperor and empress in bygone days. Graceful names that give wings to imagination, impeccable selection of ingredients, and state-of-the-art cooking techniques designed to preserve natural hue, aroma and taste are the major hallmarks of these imperial dishes. Peking Duck is one of such dishes.
Mansion Kitchen Fare: High officials and famous personages who cared so much for what they ate in bygone days went out of their way to hire famous chefs with handsome pay. With superb culinary skills, these chefs become a school of their own behind the walls of the mansions of the rich and powerful, and eventually their styles of cooking found their own way to the public. The Confucian Mansion and the Tan Family are representative of the mansion-style of Chinese cuisine.

Local Cuisine: Regional differences in resources, climate and folklore have given rise to a variety of cooking schools in China. The Shandong, Sichuan, Yangzhou and Canton are the four major schools. Another theory puts the number at eight, with the addition of Hunan, Fukien, Anhui and Zhejiang. A third theory includes Beijing and Shanghai so that the nation has ten major schools of Chinese cooking. Shandong, Sichuan, Yangzhou and Cantonese cooking, however, are generally regarded as the most influential of all schools of Chinese cuisine-the others are simply regarded as branches.

Ethnic Dishes: These dishes were first invented by minority peoples and later spread to other parts of the country. These include the mutton hot pot of Inner Mongolia and the roast whole lamb and shish kebab of Xinjiang.

Monastic Dishes: Otherwise known as vegetarian’s dishes, monastic dishes had their origin in Buddhist temples around the country. This school of cooking are understandably dominated by vegetables, and it is flourishing because the rising standard of living has prompted many people to become more health-conscious and stick to vegetarian’s dishes. Some of these dishes are prepared to resemble the flavor and shape of meat dishes. Apart from their special flavors, the monastic dishes are stomach-friendly and help protect people’s health.

Beijing Restaurant Choices:
The best restaurants in Beijing hand picked for you



Eat like an emperor. A wide range of dishes with light flavors and exquisite presentation paying careful attention to color, smell and taste.

-Bai Family Mansion BFM have not only managed to recreate the splendour of the Qing dynasty in terms of atmosphere but also with its menu. Chefs select the best ingredients and dishes from Ningxia wolfberries to Dongbei mushrooms. Open 10am-10.30pm daily. Meal for two 150RMB.
白家食府,海淀区苏州街29号 Tel: 62654186

-Dazhaimen Decent Beijing dishes accompanied by a fun mask changing performance, a bit of opera and an acrobatic show that will impress out of town guests. Open 11am-10.30pm daily. Meal for two 150RMB.
大宅门,海淀区首体南路甲20号国兴家园旁(近车公庄路)Tel: 88356687

-Fangshan Restaurant Great service and Cixi’s favorites, for just less than the price of a mable boat. Daily 11am-1.30pm, 5-8pm.
仿膳饭庄 西城区文津街1号北海公园东门内 (Tel: 64011889)

-Gege Fu An enclave of the Qing dynasty lives on. Try the great duck hotpot. Daily 11am-1.30pm, 5-10pm
格格府 朝阳区美术馆后大街大取灯胡同9号内 (Tel: 64078006)

-Tiandi Yijia Aristocratic food, environment and prices, a stone’s throw away from the Forbidden City. Daily 11am-2pm, 5-10pm.
天地一家 东城区南池子大街140号 (Tel: 85115556)

-The Red Capital Club This beautifully restored courtyard restaurant is dedicated to the hedonistic things in life-fine food, good wine and cigars-and the spirit of Chinese capitalism. Open 6-11pm daily. Meal for two with drinks 400RMB.
新红资俱乐部,东城区东四九条66号 Tel: 64027150

-Shun Yi Fu The dumplings made here are not as salty as in other places and all the tastier for it. The clean environment and friendly service are a bonus. Meal for two 50RMB.
顺义府,东城区王府井甘雨胡同36-3号 Tel: 65281960


-Huang Ting Huang Ting’s elegant traditional courtyard design matches the refined and delicate Cantonese cuisine. Meal for two 400RMB.
凰庭,东城区金鱼胡同8号王府饭店. Tel: 65128899 ext. 6707

-Lei Garden, a reputable Cantonese restaurant, not only offers a lavish menu of shark’s fin, abalone and bird’s nest, but also ordinary fare at reasonable prices. Meal for two 200RMB.
利苑,东城区金宝街89号金宝大厦三层 Tel: 85221212

-Longji Cha Canting A Cantonese bistro serving inexpensive but decent Cantonese food and a great set lunch for under 40RMB. Open 7am-midnight. Meal for two around 70RMB.
龙记茶餐厅,朝阳区建国门外1号金之桥大厦西翼京伦饭店东侧 Tel: 65958546

-Gu Zhenhuang The beauty of coming here is that you don’t have to worry about ordering. The set gourmet menus, designed by a Hong Kong master chef, are tailored to include appetizers, hot dishes and dessert for your convenience. Open 6pm-9.30pm, Mon-Thur; 11am-2pm, 6pm-9.30pm Fri-Sun. Meal costs 250RMB to 1,400RMB per person.
古镇煌美食房,西城区前海西街3号. Tel: 66139641

Guangxi & Guizhou

Characterized by dishes that are light on onion and ginger, and flavors that are tart and slightly spicy. Includes Miao minority style cooking featuring pineapple rice.

-No. 28 Courtyard Small and casual courtyard with a date tree and a little pond where fish are kept alive until the kitchen calls. No. 28 serves Zhuang specialities from the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Open 11am-11pm. Meal for two 80RMB.
28号院子,东城区戏楼胡同1号 (雍和宫南侧)Tel: 84016788

-Jun Qin Hua A small and simple restaurant specializing in the Miao cuisine of Kaili. Their zaola dishes are quite addictive. The best deal in town for decent food at low prices. Open 10am-11pm. Meal for two around 150RMB.
君琴花餐厅,东城区美术馆后街88号. Tel: 64047600

-Long Yuan Tang A quaint little place where you can enjoy a quick dip into Guangxi food culture. Daily 10am-11pm.
元堂 东城区东四北大街香饵胡同6号 (Tel: 84049502)

-Miao Minority Restaurant This restaurant caters to the dinner-and-show type crowd with its nightly Miao minority show. Dishes include oven roasted bullfrog and Guizhou-style dog meat hot pot.
盛祥 1)西城区复兴门大街54号(民族宫对面) (66079738); 2)海淀区清华大学西门北侧300米路西 (62569150)

-Three Guizhou Men The delicious food served here is a fusion of the different regions of Guizhou but dishes are one notch less spicy than what Guizhou natives may be used to. Meal for two 150RMB.
三个贵州人,朝阳区工体西路8号;(Tel: 65518517)朝阳区光华西里3号 (Tel: 62186060);北四环理想国际大厦2层 (62186060).


Originally hailing from central China, Hakka communities are now spread throughout Fujian, Guangdong, Jiangxi and Taiwan. Hakka food features dishes that emphasize the natural taste of fresh ingredients.

-Han Cang The Hakkas or “Guest People”, settled in Guangdong and Fujian provinces, bringing with them their earthy and hearty food such as shrimps cooked in rock salt and braised eel-good, honest grub. Open 11.30am-3pm, 5-10.30pm daily. Meal for two 180RMB.

Home Style

Chinese comfort food; dishes that are ubiquitous throughout China.

-BaizhouXiang Rice porridge, in all its many forms, supplement the congee collection with a variety of homestyle xiaochi. Open daily 24 hours.
百粥乡 1)朝阳区枣营北里6号(佰宁花园一层)(Tel: 65079656) 2)东城区中街9号东环广场A座一层 (64185681)

-Hua Jia Yi Yuan Serves tasty homestyle fare in a swanky courtyard setting with comfortable private rooms. Their spareribs, kaomantou (roasted buns), mala xie (spicy crayfish) and draft beer are popular. Daily 24hrs.
花家怡园 1)东城区东直门内大街235号;(Tel: 64051908) 2) 东城区东直门内大街5号; (84078281/88)

-Xiao Wang Fu Serves homestyle fara and duck in a bustling, efficient environment. The Ritan Park location is swankier and also pricier.
北京小王府 1)朝阳区光华路东里2号楼;(Tel: 65913255) 2) 西城区前海北沿15号; (Tel: 66175558)3) 朝阳区日坛路日坛公园北门内

-Yijia Xiaoguan The décor is your standard hole-in-the-wall type, with bare walls and a handful of sturdy tables, clean and simple. Yet Zhang and his friendly, no-frills, little neighborhood joint will remind you of why you came to Beijing in the first place. Daily 10am-late
屹家小 东城区交道口北二条26号 (Tel: 84028544)

Hunan & Hubei

Hubei: Famous for its freshwater fish, tender meat and thick soups that go well with rice.
Hunan: Thick and pungent in flavor. Dishes use copious amounts of chili, pepper and shallots.

-Tanzhou Jiulou Excellent smoked duck. Brilliant dishes in a rough environment. Daily 11am-11pm.
潭州酒楼 朝阳区花家地北里1号楼 (邮局北边) (Tel: 64734418)

-Tianzhao Jiayuan Huisuo Daily 10am-10pm

-Xiang Hai Lou The former Yue Ming Lou now serves Hunan food in a traditional environment. Head up to the third floor terrace for panoramic views of the lake and surrounding hutongs. Daily 10am-11pm.
湘海楼 西城区什刹海鸦儿胡同21号 (Tel: 64028408)

-Xiang Ming Yuan Nice, clean and brightly lit restaurant serves Xiangcai favorites like hongshaorou (braised pork in claypot) and duojiaoyutou (fish heads with sweet peppers) to a predominantly white collar dinner crowd.
湘明园 朝阳区工体南路1号 (Tel: 65525493)

Hot Pot

Raw foods brought to your table and cooked in a bubbling broth. Tastes vary with regional styles.

Ding Ding Xiang The best hot pot in town with quality meat and fresh vegetables all in a trendy setting. Individula pots allow you to cook everything from lamb, beef and fish balls to live prawns and crab claws. The jinpaijiang, gold medal dipping sauce, is well named. Open 11am-10.30pm daily. Meal for two 250RMB.
鼎鼎香,东城区东直门外东中街元嘉国际公寓二层(东环广场酒店式国际公寓对面)Tel: 64179289

Hot Loft The Hot Loft has dragged the bubbling hot pot into the 21st century by increasing the range of soup bases with everything from sour and spicy Thai to a duck-based broth, and a variety of novel dipping sauces. Open 10am-5am daily. Meal for two 150RMB.
鼎酷, 朝阳区工体西路8号楼五层 (Tel: 65527992);朝阳区工体北路4号 (Tel: 65017501)

Long Island Hot Pot Massage and spa giant, Long Island, has ventured into the restaurant business and their latest Hong Kong-style hot pot joint offers an entirely organic menu. Daily 11.30am-2pm, 5.30-10.30pm.
长岛香港海鲜火锅 朝阳建国门外大街16号东方瑞景一层 (赛特饭店东侧) Tel: 65691616/1919

Miao Ling Located on the renao Guijie, this perpetually crowded Guizhou-style hot pot restaurant offers suan tang yu, a sour, tomato-based soup with a whole fish. Some complain that the soup is not spicy enough, yet they keep coming back for more. Daily 24hrs.
苗岭酸汤鱼 东城区东直门内大街232号 (Tel: 64049765)

Xiangjiang Mingcheng Spacious and cheerful, enjoy authentic Canto hotpot in a clean, casually sophisticated environment. Daily 11am-4am.
香江名城 东城区中街东环广场B座2层 (Tel: 64183666/3777)

Ye Shan Jun Wild Fungus House Mushroom hot pot inspired from Yunan and Fujian. Daily 9.30am-12.30am.
野山菌菇宴 崇文门前东大街甲2号 (Tel: 65122708)

Night Life in Beijing

Entertainment: Acrobatic performance: The acrobatic art has been existent in China for more than two thousand years. In the long course of development, the Chinese acrobatic art has formed its own style. The ancient acrobatics stemmed from the people's life and had a close link with their life and productive labor. Instruments of labor like tridents, wicker rings and articles of daily use such as tables, chairs, jars, plates and bowls were used in their performances.

Peking Opera:
The traditional Chinese art. Not all foreigners and young Chinese could adapt to it but it still considered as National Treasure.

Bar Street in Beijing: Located in the northeastern part of Beijing near the diplomatic quarters, Sanlitun Bar Street came into being in 1993 and is now very popular with foreigners and young Chinese. Most bars invite young and energetic bands and singers to put on live shows from 8 pm till midnight throughout the week. When night falls people come to the bars in an endless stream, chatting with friends and enjoying beer and music. Especially in summer, drinkers like to sit at tables outside and talk late into night.
Banana Three floors of glass walled seating surround a packed dancefloor, tended by some of the world's top DJs. It is big, bold and brash, with a mammoth sound system you could shake a filling at. Weekdays 8:30pm-4:30am; weekends 8:30pm-5am. Scitech Hotel, 22 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. 6528-3636. , 22

Bar Blu Perched atop Tongli studios, features private booths, a pool table and a cool roof terrace. Mon-Thu 5pm-late; Fri&Sat 11am-4am; Sun 11am-late. 4/F Tongli Studios, Sanlitun Beilu, Chaoyang District. 6417-4124).4

Bed Tapas & Bar
Surprisingly large, with a maze of rooms offering sprawls of cushions and bed-type booths, providing a perfect Saturday night-in feel for those preferring a low-key evening. Tapas and Asian food served. Mon-Tue 4pm-late; Wed-Sun 12pm-late. 17 Zhangwang Hutong, Xicheng District. 8400-1554. , 17

The Brewery Tap Far from the madding crowed, English and Belgian beers served in comfy surroundings. Mon-Fri 5pm-1am; Sat-Sun 3pm-1am. S111A, Blue Castle International Apartment, 3 West Dawang Lu, Chaoyang District. 8599-9092. , 3(S111A, )

Browns has stormed the Beijing bar scene and occupied the middle ground that was previously no man's land. It impresses on entry, with its high ceilings, pictured and plasma screened walls and a huge "wine tower" holding centre stage, that will surely become a landmark of the post Sanlitun Nanjie bar scene. 2am till late. 4 Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District. 6591-2717. 4

Buddha Bar 1 Opposite the Moscow restaurant, acid jazz, trip-hop and kitsch go hand in hand. Daily 11am-1am. 2 Yinding Qiao, Shichahai, (facing Kaorouji Restaurant), Xicheng District. 6617-9488. 1, 2
Centro Style tops the menu at bar. Its hotel-bar feel by day gives way to a comfortable, warm atmosphere at night. Cosy sofas set away from the venue's centrepiece, an Indonesian bar counter with inset lights, provide the perfect atmosphere. Daily. The Kerry Centre Hotel
Guanghua Road, Chaoyang District. 65618833 ext 42.

Champagne Bar With its vibrant ambience the bar is the place to be on Wangfujing Avenue for Champagne, fine wines, top end cigars and great music. Daily 5pm - 2am. Crowne Plaza Beijing, 48 Wangfujing Avenue, Dongcheng District. 65133388-5. 48
Cheers Caf Despite the name, the feeling inside is definitely Latin and not Bostonian. There's live music Wednesday to Sunday, with flamenco on Fridays and flamenco fusion on Saturdays. It is another Sanlitun South survivor that is picking up a lot of trade as people pass by on the stairs to Bar Blu. 2nd. Floor Tongli Studio, Sanlitun Houjie, Chaoyang District. 13520446062.

Chimo Cafe
Located in Lido area, the shop creates a quiet and confortable enviroment for business chats, friend gatherings as well as romantic talks. Visitors may browse through the shop's unique collection of books while sipping coffee or having western foods served. Daily. Rm 101 Parkview Centre, 5 Fangyuan Xilu, Chaoyang District. 8456-7856. 5101

Club Football Centre Football both European and American style in real pub surroundings, good food too. Daily 11am-midnight. Red House Hotel, 10 Chunxiu Lu, Chaoyang District. 6416-7786. , 10
Club Re V Euro dcor, sofas and booths with cocktails. Daily 7pm-late. Building 88, Workers Stadium, west gate, Chaoyang District. 6553-1266.88, 16,

Club Top Nice layout, no hip-hop, but still struggling for custom, situated as it is next to many other well frequented clubs. Sun-Thu 4pm-3am, Thu-Sat 4pm-6am. 4/F Tongli Studios, Sanlitun Beilu (next to Bar Blu), Chaoyang District. 6413 1019. 4, Bar Blu

The Den Sport - the staple of which is football, rugby and cricket - is subtly piped through in such a manner so as not to be intrusive, as large groups of friends meet for cheap eats, while individuals read or simply people watch. This is the beauty of The Den. Dancefloor upstairs. Daily 24 hours. 4 Gongti Donglu, (next to City Hotel main entrance), Chaoyang District. 6592-6290. , 4,

Durty Nellie's Irish bar with obligatory Guinness and stew. Pool, darts and occasional live music. Daily 10am-1:30am. 1/B Liangmaqiao Flower Market, Chaoyang District. 6593-5050. , 1/B

High Society Take in some jazz whilst choosing from a selection of European wines. Good menu. Daily 11am-2am. 55 Xingfu Zhongjie (1/F Jiezuo Dasha), Chaoyang District. 6417-9780.

Hometown Bar A Mongolian bar for Mongolian people, but all are a welcome as songs from the grasslands are belted out nightly. Daily 9:30am-late. 30 Huangsi Dajie (above the Caoyuan Feiyangfu Mongolian Restaurant), Xicheng District. 6206-4256. , 30()
Hutong Bar Open layout provides a refreshing change from the intensity of its Houhai neighbors. Daily 2pm-2am. 8 Houhai Nanyan, Xicheng District. 6615-8691.

Inner Affair A moneyed crowd groove on down beneath a giant golden Buddha. Drinks attentively chilled and served. Toilets in adjacent office blockodd. Daily 6:30pm-late. 6 Xiliujie, Sanlitun, Chaoyang District. 8454-0899.

Goose and Duck Pub A mainly expat crowd in this pub cum sportsbar venue. Nice beer and great food served in spacious seating area. Daily 24 hours. 1 Bihuju Nanlu, Chaoyang Park west gate, Chaoyang District. 6538-1691.
John Bull Pub Trad English fodder like Yorkshire pud and roast beef served up in authentic surroundings. Quiz on Tuesdays. Daily 11am-midnight. 44 Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang District. 6532-5905.

La-Signe Gourmet Club
Gold is the colour at the club which obviously tries to live up to its Chinese name, which means "luxury and colour."
The food is French style. Daily 7pm-2am. B2 HQ Ritz Hotel, A 8 Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang District. 6581-6089.

Link Claims to be the highest bar in the city. Good views on clear days and nights. Daily 10pm-2am. Building A, 26th Floor, Jianwai Soho, Chaoyang District.

Lush Student favourite Lush, provides a daytime study sanctuary and crowded beered-up evenings. Good food, well managed but the waitresses seem to be deaf during the day. Daily 24 hours. 2/F Building 1, Huaqing Jiayuan, Chengfu Lu, (across from the Wudaokou light-rail station), Haidian District.

Maggie's Bar A favourite for Mongolian girls and German businessmen, the new venue is good fun, whatever your mission. Sun-Wed 7:30pm-4:30am; Thu-Sat 7:30pm-5am. South Gate of Ritan Park, Chaoyang District (8562 8142/8143).

Mix Guest foreign DJs and a hip-hop crowd in this large light and airy space. Daily 8pm-late. Inside Workers' Stadium north gate, Chaoyang District. 6530-2889.

Nanjie Rack'em Pack'em and Stack'em: shots 100RMB for 12. Easy atmosphere, young crowd and pizza to die for. Daily 5pm-late. Gongti Beilu (opposite the Workers Stadium north gate, to the right of the parking lot gate) Chaoyang District. 6413-0963.

Nashville The Sanlitun South survivor now comes with a "deep South" feel second floor, decked out with tan leather chairs, dark wood panelling and a flimsy looking humidor with a wide selection of Cubans and co, should you wish to chug on a big fat one. Daily,11am-3am, Haoyun Jie, 29 Zaoying Lu, Chaoyang District. 5867-0298.

No Name Bar The original kid on the block heralding the start of the Houhai circus. Easy atmosphere and nice toilets. Daily Noon-2am. 3 Qianhai Dongyan, (next to Kaorouji Restaurant), Xicheng District. 6401-8541.

On/Off It's shabby street sign belies the interior of this bar/restaurant and internet caf. Live music events with a queer ambience some nights. Daily 7:30pm-2am. Lianbao Apartments, 5 Xingfu Yicun Xili, Chaoyang District. 6415-8083.

Pass By Bar Good place to take a girl, or a guy, Pass By has an intimate atmosphere and a comprehensive Italian menu. Great for listening to guys' cheesy chat lines. Was well known for its (often inaccessible and unorganised) book collection until Bookworm came along and stole the show. Daily 9am-2am. 108 Nanluogu Xiang, Dongcheng District. 8403-8004.

The Pavillion is proving a hit with its 90 wine cellar, 40 scotches, range of cigars, Guinness and leather sofas. Good place for networking. Reasonable menu. Mon-Fri 5pm-late, Sat-Sun 10am-late. Opposite the west gate of the Workers' Stadium, Gongti Xilu, Chaoyang District. 6507-2617.

Poachers Inn With the same tunes every week, Poachers takes full advantage of the transient population but does it well. A young local and expat student favourite. Non-stop dancing. Daily 8pm-late. 43 Bei Sanlitun Lu Chaoyang District. 6417-2632 ext 8506.

The Pomegranate Small menus are often the sign of good food and so it is here. Situated in an old hutong, sport is the focus with some nice artwork on the walls. Daily 11am-midnight. 19 Kaifa Lu, Xibaixinzhuang, Houshayu, Shunyi District. 8046-2558.

Propaganda The king of clubs in Wudaokou, Propaganda caters for a young international crowd in a large, tightly packed venue. Daily 8pm-4am. 100 metres north of the east gate of Huaqing Jiayuan, Wudaokou, Haidian District. 13691376777.

Rock & Roll A veteran of the Beijing night scene, Rock & Roll is a fascinating place to while away an hour or two, regardless of age.Young Beijingers have it to techno while an interesting array of night creatures prowl the periphery. Daily 8:30pm-5am. Yard 4, Gongti Beilu (behind The Loft), Chaoyang District. 6592-9856.

Salsa Carib A pirate theme and a boat protruding from the outside, Salsa Caribe dances to a Latin beat. Women - expect to be hit on. Daily 7:30pm-late. 4 Gongti Beilu (across from the Loft) Chaoyang District. 6507-7821.

Stone Boat Bar Who would have thought this would float? A perfect sanctuary from city life situated in Ritan Park. Take lots of mozzy repellent in the summer. Daily 10am-late. Lakeside, southwest corner of Ritan Park, Chaoyang District. 6501-9986.

Suzie Wong
Taking its inspiration from a 1930s opium den, it offers dimly lit curtained alcoves along with spacious main seating areas, ornately furnished with antique Chinese furniture and hanging lanterns. While the dance floor is a bit on the small size, sturdy tables provide makeshift podiums.
1A South Nongzhanguan Lu, Chaoyang Park West Gate. 6593-6049.
Tango This massive club, divided into three areas, is replete with another - Mango - on top and a KTV in the basement. The venue provides something to suit all tastes. Daily 24 hours. South gate of Ditan Park, (next to Jindingxuan Restaurant), Dongcheng District. 6428-2288.

Tianchang Club Home to rocker, Zang Tianshuo and his band, the club also hosts other local bands. Beer and darts provide the remainder of activities. Daily 8:30pm-late. 200 metres north of Changdongqiao, beside Shunfeng Restaurant, Chaoyang District. 6595-1899. , 200,(2)
Vics A young, mostly expat crowd getting it down to the wee hours to a mix of hip-hop, funk, soul and reggae. Daily 8:30pm-late. Inside Workers' Stadium north gate, Chaoyang District. 6593-6215.

West Wing Bar DVD booths and a punchbag provide the distractions in this bar cum teahouse. Daily 2pm-2am. Inside the west end of the Deshengmen Tower, Xicheng District. 8208-2836.